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Broadway Ah Beng

Crocodile is once again proud to be associated with the arts as the Presenter of Broadway Ah Beng, not long after its sponsorship of Oi! Sleeping Beauty and the highly-successful re-run of Army Daze. This is another affirmation of us contributing to society by bringing an entertaining art form to the public. This commitment does not stop here as Crocodile has also decided to sponsor Broadway Beng‘s run in Kuala Lumpur in from 4 – 16 July. We did a good job exporting our brand overseas, and we sincerely want to help showcase our talents beyond our shores too.

Starring the very talented Sebastian Tan, Broadway Ah Beng hit the right chords when it was first staged earlier this year. One media described it as "refreshing and promising", while another called it "vibrantly appealing" featuring an "endearing local boy". And boy, isn't this what Crocodile fashion is all about?

For the record, the association with Broadway Beng is not an admission that Crocodile is the de facto apparel for the one and only character in the play, On the contrary, we want to put in stronger focus our re-branding effort with the message that Crocodile is as hip as arts can be. But if Bengs find a liking for our new collection, I'd say "ho say!".

Enjoy! Terence Ang